TSG Neustrelitz, an Oberliga football team, has announced the arrival of another new player. From now on, the Polish defensive talent Piotr Delner will strengthen the team TSG Neustrelitz and the 1.92 metre tall defender shows that he has mastered his physicality and can use it in a targeted manner. At the same time, Piotr radiates a striking calmness that does not suggest that the native Pole is only at the beginning of his career in men's football.

"Piotr brings many things with him that can be further developed and has enormous potential. He is still at the beginning of a promising career as a footballer and TSG Neustrelitz is happy to prepare him for his path. Now, with our support, it's a matter of him arriving and integrating into his new environment," commented coach Maximilian Dentz.

The 19-year-old centre-back moves to Neustrelitz from the youth team of the Polish first division club PogoĊ„ Szczecin and receives a contract for one season with an extend option for a further season.

FutNat Sportsmanagement, with the support of coach Max Dentz and TSG Neustrelitz, continues to strongly anticipate a rising development curve for Piotr and wishes the player, team and coach a successful and injury-free 2021/22 season.

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