Solid partner for the next step.

Since 2018 Futbol Nation Sportsmanagement "" is an agency for the accompaniment and advice of players in the football market. The CEO and founder Adi Waniek has been working since 2003 in the field of football and transfers and thus built a foundation of contacts in football business. Without contacts and a good reputation, it is not possible to work solidly and sustainably. This applies to managers as well as to players, coaches and clubs. has earned reputation and trust in many clubs in Germany and Europe in recent years and is working solidly within its network. The headquarter of the agency is Ueckermünde at the Szczecin Lagoon with a good connection to Szczecin, Berlin, Rostock and Hamburg.

The main task of Futbol Nation Sportsmanagement is the introduction and development of young players for the professional field as a licensed or professional footballer. Here supports its clients in the development process in all steps according to the individual achievement potential of every player. We take care of the advice, the accompaniment of the athletic career, contract management and mediation.

The strength of Futbol Nation Sportsmanagement is that we engage with young players before they take the step into professional football, thus enabling and supporting the successful transfer of the junior player from amateur to full-time professional. Exactly these aspects support the athlete in this often so difficult part of his career.

However, all these are supportive measures that cannot replace the right professional attitude and willingness of the athlete to adapt. National borders do not matter. International transfers to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and then even further abroad in the top chairs are possible and are open to any player with the right attitude and advice. We would like to accompany this path of success.

Agents tasks

The consulting activity is a complex system and requires the interaction between footballers, family and officials of the clubs.
The goal is to organize all areas and aspects in such a way that the best possible consensus for all parties is achieved with the focus on the further development of the player and his career, as well as a reinforcement for the club within its financial possibilities.

My guidelines for accomplishing these tasks are based on the principles of loyalty, seriousness, honesty, and fair dealings of all stakeholders for the benefit of the player and the club in order to achieve success together and to develop further.

Footballer and transfer

Futbol Nation Sportsmanagement offers comprehensive player consulting in transfer management.

The clubs have high expectations and must achieve quick and short-term success, so every season many transfers are made..
To enable young players to transfer, the interests of all parties must be the same. A trial training is necessary for this because there is little scouting in the lower leagues.

For professional footballers, it is important to have a partner who can handle the rigors of negotiations confidentially and the wishes of the player. Distortions of training can have a negative impact on game performance and could thus flare an initial interest in the fast-paced business.