What is the FutNat concept and goal?

Our main goal is to offer young players an alternative to their home market and to give their development and career the right push by skilful transfers to the appropriate leagues. Often a change of environment can lead to the fact that players can offer themselves to other clubs on another market and improve thereby the own total situation and future possibilities.

Why can a cooperation with FutNat be lucrative and interesting for clubs?

A cooperation is advantageous because we not only offer the players available in the portfolio, but also explore the market after prior consultation for desired players and have broad contacts to players at different league-levels in many countries. Players are searched for in a target-oriented way and you can fall back and rely on scouting through lour cooperation free of charge.

What characterizes the cooperation with FutNat?

An honest, fair, open and sustainable cooperation aimed to a long-term cooperation with clubs and players. The goal is not a one-time transfer, but an individually tailored support of clubs and players

Is there a risk in working with FutNat?

Neither players nor clubs run any risk.
We guarantee players and clubs that we will either cooperate successfully or that the cooperation will simply remain free of charge.

Where do the offers in the news come from?

By direct contacts to many clubs on different league-levels we receive the inquiries for wanted players directly from the clubs. This means for the player that the offers are 100% real and are certainly true.

What does a test training/test mean for the player?

A test can be very different. If clubs have time to scout and observe during the season due to our cooperation, players will only be invited for the obligatory medical check.

If scouting is not possible beforehand, it can happen that a participation and integration into the team training takes place. However, this is not a form of player casting in which 30 players want to show themselves but a very individual tests of a player for a particular position.

What are the costs to the player during a test?

The costs depend on the form of the test and the team. The least that is always organized is the free overnight stay for the player. Everything else is always negotiated individually with the club.

For professionals who have already been scouted and are only travelling for a medical examination, this is free of charge.