Kamil Lechocki transfer to FC Mecklenburg Schwerin

Kamil Lechocki first newcomer
Coach Stefan Lau and sports director Björn Blechenberg are very excited about your first new arrival and are very happy that Kamil Lechocki has chosen to play for FC Mecklenborg Schwerin.

Kamil was one of the best central midfielders in the 3rd league in Poland and would also like to prove this in Schwerin! At the age of 24 he is already one of the oldies in the team and should support the young team in the season with his passes, goals and his experience, says Blechenberg.

Special thanks from the FCM sports director are going to Kamil's manager Adi Waniek from the agency FutNat.com Futbol Nation Sportsmanagement in particular, Adi Waniek has made a great effort and supported us in a way that I have never experienced from a players manager before. Here the accompaniment of the player as well as the interests of the FCM found appreciation! FCM fans can look forward to a great soccer player.

Kamil is currently under rehab after a protracted injury. Our physio department will carefully build it up and then Kamil will the needed reinforcement.

Welcome to FC Mecklenburg Schwerin, Kamil


Kamil Lechocki Transfer to FC Mecklenburg Schwerin


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