Constantin Sandu returns to FC Petrocub
The midfielder Constantin Sandu is the first transfer of the 2nd placed Moldovan team FC Petrocub in this winter transfer period. After a break of 5 years and several successful stations C. Sandu returns to FC Petrocub. Constantin played for Saxan (2016, 1. Liga Moldova) and Speranța (2017-2020, 1. Liga Moldova). Since his last appearance for FC Petrocub Constatnin has scored 11 goals and assisted 5 goals during his 96 matches at the level of Divizia National (1. Liga Moldova).

Constantin Sandu is 27 years old and has already 7 matches for the national team of Moldova to his credit.

FutNat Sportsmanagement wishes Constantin Sandu and FC Petrocub a successful second half of the season and possibly the win of the Moldovan Championship 2020/21.

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