C. Sandu is a 6-time national player of Moldova. One of his personal highlights so far has been his participation in the European Championship qualification in 2019.

Constantin is a 27-year-old, 182 cm tall winger who can give decisive accents and impulses in the offensive through his speed and dribbling. He has a strong right foot, but can more than passably pass and shoot with his left foot.

He likes to play on the left wing and then orientate himself towards the centre and seek the conclusion. On the right wing Constantin is also very good to use, which makes him a flexible wing player in the offensive and can offer every coach more than just another good option in the game forward.

Constantin Sandu has Moldovan and Romanian citizenship, which allows him to play as an EU player.

C. Sandu is currently living in Germany and is looking for a new club. He or she has the approval of the release of his or her surrendering association. The contract has already been terminated. In accordance with FIFA regulations, C. Sandu has the status of "free player" and can be used and registered without delay.

On his profile interested parties will find all important links to current statistics and a highlight video 2020.

C. Sandu played his last game on 10. 09. 2020, the current season, where he scored a goal in 8 games and a assist in the Divizia Nationala, the highest division of Moldova.

We wish Constantin all the best and a successful cooperation.

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