Szajkowski, Pankowski i Grisgraber join TV Askania Bernburg

TV Askania Bernburg is acquiring 3 new players for the new season at the Verbandsliga Sachsen-Anhalt.

Adam Grisgraber joins Askania from Brandenburger SC, a team which plays at the NOFV Oberliga NORD. Adam will play as a central offensive midfielder. His task will be to lead the team and give the game appropriate offensive impulses.

Cezary Pankowski is coming from SV 09 Altengottern. He will play on the right wing to assist the striker and to score goals for the new team at the right moments.

Bartosz Szajkowski is a young and tall goalkeeper, who will of course defend the Askanian goal and will keep it clean.

FutNat Sportsmanagement wishes all player's success in their new club and for this new hard season.

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